Mistakes in production, waste, and what we do about it!

Sometimes shit happens. That's the truth. 80% of production is done by humans, and sometimes mistakes are made. That's life. It's how we deal with it that's important! 

The sad and skin crawling truth is that a lot of brands will put faulty/not up-to-spec garments STRAIGHT INTO LANDFILL! The majority of these garments are made from synthetic fabrics and plastics which will sit there.. FOREVER!!!

Over 300,000 TONS of clothing goes into landfill in the UK ALONE every year. This absolutely breaks our heart! Most of these garments put to landfill could easily be upcycled, recycled or repurposed but this costs money and time. Instead of bitching about it we are taking a stand and bringing to you our Zero Waste Outlet. 

The collections in our outlet are still all natural organic fabrics that are kinder to your body and the world, manufactured ethically in the UK, the only difference is that they didn't turn out how we intended! 

Eliza Body -> Fullalove Printed Body

The Eliza is one of our best sellers and absolutely beautiful! Known for its low swooping neckline to flatter any bust size, and high leg design to accentuate those pins, the Eliza is the perfect bodysuit for lounging around, layering up or heading on a night out. 

What went wrong? 

Basically, it's a little thinner this time. Usually the front is double layered for complete coverage, and this process was missed out when constructing the garment. She's still beautifully fitting and soft on skin, she's just a little more sheer. So, we gave her a makeover and printed our stunning new Fullalove logo on the front. We’re all for #freethenipple and loving our bodies, so why not wear something a little more sheer! 

Basic Sweetheart Thong 

Our best seller! You have all fallen head over heels with our Basic thong shape (we don’t blame you, it's literally perfect!) especially in the most gorgeous sweetheart print, so we wanted to give you more and pair it with our Maria Bralette, however... when examining closely we noticed that the thong base colour is a little creamier than the Bralette. That's literally it. The make-up is the same, the fabric quality is the same, everything is the same except the base colour of the fabric.

When you print onto a fabric, the process involves a little heat which occasionally can discolour the fabric, and that's exactly what happened here. 

We are perfectionists and wouldn't want our sets going out and not matching 100%, so instead of discarding these beautiful undies we decided to sell them anyway for a far lower price that our shoppers can get their hands on. 

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