L.O.V.E Every Body...

With the new year comes our new LOVE by Fullalove collection crafted to ensure maximum comfort, no matter your size, because we Love Every Body. Sizes now ranging from UK 4-26 to cater to as my shapes and sizes as possible. 

 As a small brand we pride ourselves on designing what we believe to be stunning garments which cater to a large community of beautiful people, and their beautiful bodies. We always aim to be as accessible and inclusive as possible.
When researching into size inclusivity within the sustainable fashion world, we realised that a huge number of (including Fullalove) sustainable clothing brands only run to a size 18 (at best!), sadly closing doors to our beautiful plus-size community, which in turn leads to shoppers having to choose unsustainable fast fashion purchases instead. 
At Fullalove we love listening to our customers and as a fairly new brand on the block, are working towards being as inclusive as we possible can. Why shouldn’t all shapes and sizes be represented within sustainable clothing? Every-body is beautiful and deserves natural, comfortable, and stylish fabrics that feel like amazingly soft against your skin. 
So... we decided to launch 'Love Every-body' our new lingerie lounge collection, catering to sizes xxs - xxl, all made from 100% sustainable and natural fabrics, with designs that are timeless, versatile and flatter all shapes and sizes. 

As with all our collections, the fabrics we use are a huge focus when putting together our designs and when thinking about the whole process, right from where the fabrics are sourced to when, and how, they land on our customers' doorsteps. Not only do we want to ensure the beautiful garments we create are good for the planet and sustainable, but also that the impact these fabrics have on our bodies are healthy.

By using 100% organic cotton in underwear, we remove the risk of nasty chemicals and pesticide coming into contact with our genitalia, maintaining natural pH levels, leaving us feeling comfortable, irritation free, and fresh and able to breathe. Organic cotton is highly breathable keeping you fresh even after the longest of days. 

To make it even easier for our customers to make smart sustainable clothing choices, we have also now introduced buy now pay later with Klarna to our website, with the aim to make sustainable clothing more accessible for the masses.  



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