How we survived Corona, and all other things

So, like everyone, we were moving fast. Our brand was launched in October 2019, and from that point we were running. This was going to be our year. Our first big order, our launch into the wider world - so much was happening. The big breakthroughs we have been dreaming about were coming to fruition, and it was exciting! Who knew how so many of our plans would have to change, or even be cancelled altogether?! We didn’t, and like everyone, it was like an earthquake had hit, and we all entered into the unknown

The initial anxiety had us all confused, lost and with many unanswered questions. Was a small brand like ours going to survive? What did the future of the fashion industry look like? How were we going to cope? It was overwhelming, and like so many others, we took a little time out to re-think, re-evaluate and evolve.

Like many businesses, we have had to be creative and nimble and work out a way to keep afloat and relevant as well as doing what we could to offer support for the crisis. We began making masks for our local communities, and as we got so busy with this, our designer gathered her motivation, and went back to the studio.As part of April fashion month in Leicester, we had almost a months’ worth of events planned, ranging from an exhibition style display, live talks with our designer to a full out fashion show at the end of the month! Of course, we could no longer attend, as all events were cancelled and everyone was left in limbo.

However, thanks to the wonders of modern digital technology, we were still able to connect and engage with the wider world through live video chats and Instagram lives. We did a live studio tour, a talk with another great sustainable designer, Posie, and a live mask making tutorial, to encourage people to wear reusable and get involved! These were all huge successes, and because of the world wide web, more people from more places were able to get involved! It looked as if the corona gloom was being lifted…

With the initial excess time we had from the whole world literally standing still, we have also been able to reach out and connect with some really amazing people, and influencers through our social media platforms. We have been able to nurture relationships with our customers, our following has grown, and truly we are thankful for this breathing space. Our commercial handwriting has also been developed further to suit a wider audience, and this has again sparked interest in customers not typically known to Fullalove.

Although we created a lot of preliminary interest with our debut hand dyed ‘non-toxic’ collection, because of the new anxiety surrounding the general declining economy, we had to develop a more affordable product; our spring/ summer collection was designed with this in mind. One of our main goals as a brand is to bring sustainable fashion to the mainstream demographic and bridge the gap between traditional ethical clothing and the mass clothing market.

We believe our new styles and prints have really began to achieve this, and our S/S collection has actually been our most successful campaign yet. We have been acutely  focused on the flawless construction of each individual order to the extent that we have had to bring another team member on board and extend our office / production space! Also, with the addition of the organic face masks to our offering, our customer base has almost tripled in the last month.

As well as developing our brand, our team have been working behind the scenes to connect with other small, ethical businesses, to offer B2B design consultancy and small production services. We have seen the need to diversify, and offer a fully ethical production service to brands who may have had their supply chain disrupted by the pandemic. This is still in the very early stages of development, but we believe there is a huge need for transparent, local, manageable and ethical production. So many thousands of orders were cancelled at the start of the pandemic, thousands of jobs were lost, and people’s livelihoods were destroyed. This cannot go on! 

As scary as this time has been, it has been a wake-up call to all of humanity to pull together and look after not only our planet, but each other.  It has given us a chance to shape a new, more beautiful world as we are now more connected to the global community than ever before. We hope it has given people a chance to stop, slow down and think, and be more mindful about their purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices. We also hope it has given our Earth a chance to heal, and for people to appreciate our natural world, and nurture it, so we can leave a better one for generations to come!

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  • Max R

    This is brilliant. It’s so good seeing small businesses innovating and adapting to the challenges of today. It’s especially impressive considering the attention to detail and the preservation of that personal touch. Well done.

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